Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Artist Heather Hansen Creates Incredible Charcoal Drawings Using Her Dance Moves

Did you ever see that drawings can be done using dance moves? If still didn’t just explore this post. Heather Hansen is a creative artist, and product designer from New Orleans, LA, USA. She creates incredible charcoal drawings using her dance moves. Currently Heather is working at Han Sen Studio.
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Interesting photo manipulations turning ordinary faces into kaleidoscopes by Norg Nodis

Norg Nodis is a talented Belarus-based photographer and artist who creates Interesting photo manipulations turning ordinary faces into kaleidoscopes. Checkout below how it looks!
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Friday, 11 April 2014

Brilliant Wildlife Photography by Lee Bothma

Lee Bothma is a talented and hobbyist photographer from South Africa. He uses his images to mainly create awareness and to give viewers a visual portal into the world of Africa's great wildlife and landscapes. We propose you to look at brilliant wildlife photography of Lee Bothma and enjoy your weekend.
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Monday, 7 April 2014

Majestic Nature Photography by Alban Henderyckx

Alban Henderyckx is a creative and inspiring nature photographer from Arcachon Bay, France. He loves to take pictures of nature and landscapes. We offer you to explore the majestic nature photographs of Alban Henderyckx.
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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Absolutely Brilliant Flower Paintings by Fiona Craig

Fiona Craig is a professional artist who was born in Sydney, Australia. She likes to paint the natural environment that surrounded her, developed into exploring more individual and innovative ways of depicting the much-painted brilliant Australian landscape and its flora.

Fiona Craig is trained both in various academic disciplines and self taught. Amongst other excellent and talented teachers, she benefited from print-making with Michael Kempson and studying drawing with Jocelyn Maughan.

Fiona Craig says that “I often depict flora that have cultural and historical allusions, such as the iconic New South Wales state emblem, the waratah. A couple of my favorites are flowers that even caused 'maladies' when they first appeared on the European scene (i.e. 'Tulipomania' and 'Orchid Fever'), the tulip and the orchid. Factors that also inform my choice of subject matter include shape, color and a sense of mood. Rendering large paintings with dramatic composition, tone, colour, and brushstroke, my intention is not only to draw attention to the beauty of the subject, but also to preserve the ephemeral in an almost monumental scale that imbues it with a timeless quality.”
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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mind Bending Aerial Photography of Klaus Leidorf

By occupation Klaus Leidorf is an Aerial Archaeologist and photographer who lives and works in Buch am Erlbach, Germany. He likes to observe the human artifacts from a bird's eye view. Recently he uploaded latest aerial photography on his flickr account in which he crisscrosses the skies above Germany by taking pictures of industrial sites, cities, farms and whatever else he discovers along his flight path, a process he refers to as “aerial archaeology.” Take a look at mind bending aerial photography of Klaus Leidorf.
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Monday, 31 March 2014

David Szakaly Creates Absolutely Fascinating Mixture of Art and Gifs

David Szakaly is a creative and talented graphic designer from Hungarian/German. Since 2008, he has been churning out some of the most hypnotic, dizzying and wholly original gifs on the net under the name Davidope. His blend of twisting organic forms, forays into pulsing Technicolor shapes, and flashes of black and white have inspired legions of others to experiment with the medium, many of whom have been featured here on Colossal. David is regularly updating latest mixture of art and gifs on his Tumblr account. Have a look at absolutely Fascinating “Animated Gifs” of David Szakaly and delight your day.
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