Monday, 22 September 2014

Artist Dan Cretu Creates Amazing Food Sculptures with Ordinary Edibles That Look Too Good To Eat

Dan Cretu is a mind blowing and professional photographer specialized in eco art. He amazingly blends food sculptures with photography. He eats his food because he is too creative for that. Dan Cretu also plays with colors and textures found in various edibles by assembling them into fabulous sculptures.You can checkout more of the astounding work Cretu on his tumblr account.
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scary Village in Japan: Scarecrows Illustrate Lives Of Japanese Countryside

On the countryside of the Japanese town of Himeji is a unique place on the planet - the whole village, which is inhabited by scarecrows. The village is scared - it's a whole area called Seki. Or rather, was the name of the village, which eventually merged with the city.

62 year-old Japanese Masato Okaue was born and raised in Seki. His first stuffed scarecrow was created in 2010. Just as soon as he came to help the rest of the locals. So very soon, the streets of the village were filled with lots of scarecrows dressed up in the same way as the normal local population. In total, to date, the village inhabited by over a hundred frightened. Masato wanted to attract visitors to their deserted area, showing the good old Japanese village as a collective image of the villages of the island nation. Unfortunately, young people leave the village. (Photo by Getty Images/ Buddhika Weerasinghe)
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rainscapes: Artist Elizabeth Patterson Creates Hyperrealistic Rainy Windshield Drawings to Make You Say Awesome

American artist Elizabeth Patterson received specialized education in the late seventies of the last century. She was a graduate from BFA Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

For a long time, American artist is working as an illustrator, hoping to completely switch drawings into pictures.  The idea for a long time could not turn into reality. However, since 2001, her hyperrealistic drawings found approval with the public and critics. The appearance of a series of paintings/drawings entitled “Rainscapes” finally opened to the world of the artist masters of fine arts. Here are a few works of Elizabeth Patterson.
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Artist Noah Hornberger Creates Wonderful 3D Printed Art to Delight Your Day
Cheese Burger Toy

Noah Hornberger is a very talented artist who did 3D modeling for Pixar/Disney a couple of years ago. Now Mr. Noah is enjoying solo artwork with all the freedom that pops into his mind. Recently professional artist Noah Hornberger has created 3D printed art using tangible things. All of these wonderful models are available for download (some pay and some free). You can explore more of his brilliant artwork by viewing his facebook account.
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

30 Of the Best Wise Quotes About Life

There are lots of quotations can be found about life such as motivational quotes about life, loving life, living life quotes etc. In today’s post we are showcasing 30 of the best wise quotations about life. We hope these quotes will guide you as teacher.
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Hilariously Twisted Cartoons by Ben Chen

Ben Chen is an amateur artist who creates hilariously twisted cartoons series. He enjoys the moment that can imagine out of nowhere. His brain never stops running. He likes illustrations books and movies. His artwork style is humorous, dark and full of imagination.
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Astounding Aerial Photography Of Beaches by Bernhard Lang

German aerial photography and documenter Bernhard Lang has created a unique collection of photographs taken on the beaches of the Adriatic Sea from the bird's-eye view and called it "Aerial Views of Adria".

As you have seen, the central objects of attention BernhardLang became resort towns of the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea. In particular, the coastline is allocated for the beaches. Unexpected symmetry umbrellas, sun loungers and shades creates very interesting patterns that are clearly pleasing to the eye. According to the author, on the one hand, we see the effect of the human impact on nature, and on the other - as far as we are negligibly crayons in front of our beloved planet, which now and then trying to destroy it.
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