Monday, 28 July 2014

Photos of Orphaned Boys with Their Adopted Dogs

Only pet owners know that how animals quickly become a part of their lives. Sam Edmonds is a talented photographer who captures these sentiments in his wonderful series called “Robindra Boys”, which centers on a community of young street children living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sam Edmonds says that “They were separated or orphaned from their parents and have forged a close-knit family with their adopted dogs, living in a park called Robindra Shorbod. There, the boys sell recyclable plastic containers for food which they lovingly share with their adorable furry friends named Romeo, Tiger, Kula, Bullet, Michael, Moti, Jax, Lalu, Tom and Bagha.” Take a look at touching photos of orphaned boys with their adopted dogs and say thanks to Sam Edmonds.
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

24 Of the Most Ridiculous Pregnancy Pictures We Will Ever See

Here we have a list of the most cringeworthy pregnancy pictures in the history of Pregnancy photos. We wish a good luck in this beautiful world, kid. Checkout below the 24 of the most ridiculous pregnancy pictures we will ever see.
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Photographer Gregg Segal Shows How Much Trash Americans Consume In One Week

In today’s era we are producing too much trash within one week such as; a bottle here, a wrapper there, a half eaten carton of bad strawberries etc.

 Professional photographer Gregg Segal snapped images to demonstrate people’s waste footprint. In order to make current photo series he takes photos of a paid participants and handful of volunteers surrounded by a week’s worth of their refuse. Segal shot these pictures in his California yard including people of all ages, from an array of socioeconomic backgrounds, lying in sand, grass or water, surrounded by piles of their own week’s garbage.

In an interview with Slate, Mr. Gregg Segal said some of the participants "edited" their trash piles, likely due to embarrassment over the "really foul stuff." "They thought it was kind of gross. I think there’s something mildly humiliating about it, but in a constructive way,” he added. “It’s kind of a once in a lifetime experience for people to be photographed with all their stuff. I think it’s seen as a kind of novelty for some people and the question of grossness was mitigated by the novelty factor."
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Body Paint Artworks

Gesine Marwedel is a creative artist who integrating the human forms into their work of art. His surreal depictions of the human body, animals, and nature will have you wondering whether you are actually looking at a human body.

"Body painting is not just paint to a living canvas; it is receiving the body shapes in the design, painting on and with the body," Marwedel says on her website (in German). "It is the transformation of a human into a breathing, moving, living work of art."
 Photography by Thomas van de Wall
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cutest Chicks on Instagram

Do you like chicks? Here we offer you to see the 50 of the cutest pictures of chicks to make your day bright. We are big thanks to Instagram and Mashable who shared such a gorgeous chick’s collection with us.
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Artist Ren Ri Creates Wonderful Sculptures Out of Bees

Ren Ri is a creative artist, beekeeper and focused man from Beijing. He creates wonderful art series titled “Yuansu” in reference to the Chinese word for "element". Ren turns bees into his collaborators. The latest Yuansu II series features amazing sculptures made out of bees, of beeswax. In interview with CoolHunting, Ren tells the "special" properties that make beeswax such an interesting material:

“It’s unstable and can change shape with temperature. The structure of wax cells is orthohexagonal, which is an inconceivable feature in the natural world and it’s a peculiarity of honeybees."

Ren Ri is concerned with nature. He is also interested in cutting out human intervention. The main purpose of Yuansu II series is to "eliminate the subjectivity of the artist" via "the mediation of bees," Ren explains in his interview.
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Cutest Wrinkly Puppies to Make Your Day Best Day Ever

I love puppies and love to care of them. They look awesome and adorable while doing different actions. In today’s post you will see the 20 of the cutest wrinkly puppies to make your day best day ever.
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